Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8: Star Trek Sundays

Happy Easter.

Last night I stayed up really late due to tea, custard, SNL, Doctor Who, and The Name of the Star. I wound up reading until nearly four in the morning. I slept until 11 then had a lazy day of more reading and a lot of eating. Left over pizza, sausage, cheesey potatoes, peeps, jelly beans, custard, cheese cake, bread, rice, and Arnold Palmer, tea, and water. It's nearly 11 at night and I still feel full from dinner which was about nine hours ago or something.

That was pretty much my day. I watched Torchwood after dinner. "Sleeper". I think that I had only seen that episode once before as well. Over winter break I watched the whole first series of Torchwood so I figured I would watch one from the beginning of the second. I had recently seen "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" though so I went to the second.

After finishing Torchwood I had a while to kill before watching Star Trek with my friend Bruce on livestream at nine so I figured I'd start watching Parks and Rec. God I'm glad I did. 30 seconds in and I was in love. Leslie Knope. She's so cute. I just want to cuddle her. And Pawnee reminds me of my town a lot. Just weird and confused and apathetic. Home sweet home.

Bruce streamed a couple Deep Space Nine episodes. I had never seen any of DS:9 before and I was really confused. The first episode we watched was really weird and insane. Something about Cardassian data rods and getting the Romulans to join the war against the Dominion. I had no clue about any of it. It was still fun, though. We watched "The Wire" after that which was full of homosexual text (no subtext here) between Garak and Bashir. We of course had plenty of jokes to make. I love Bashir, though. He's quite attractive with a great voice and accent. When that was over I suggested we start with the pilot of The Original Series and see how long it took us to get to the newest movie. We're calling it "Star Trek Sundays". I'm excited. It should be really fun and kind of something to cement parts of my life together when I start college in August. I like Bruce's friends a lot and one of them actually lived in my town for a while and worked at the restaurant that my friends and I got kicked out of. It is a small world.

That's about it for today. I think I'll watch more Parks and read. A demain!

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  1. Oo how is the Name of the Star? I was interested but then Maureen's books aren't exactly the best...
    Also, I really should start watching Star Trek. I feel like it's a necessary thing to know in my life. As well as Battlestar Gallactica.
    Soon #soon.