Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend documentation cont.

All right, where did I leave off? Snowball fight? Great.

The next morning I went to my French class, ready to fail, as I didn't do anymore studying after Russell left, but enough people didn't show up to class because of the snow that we convinced our professor to push back the test until Tuesday. The rest of the class was pretty uneventful but at one point someone called the professor "Sassy-Pants."

My English class was cancelled that day so I went to lunch and met up with Russell, Erik, Kevin, Jesse, and Eve. Eve and I made plans to play in the snow later. We wound up walking to town to try and find a sled. We couldn't find one in our budget so we bought a license plate that said "BOYCRAZY" for the boys to put in their suite and order dark chocolate, Irish cream concoctions at Dunkin' Donuts. We never did play in the sow but we found out we had a ton in common so it was fun anyway.

When I got back to my dorm I found my new roommate with her friend and boyfriend, almost finished moving in. I made small talk for a bit until I could make my excuses to go meet up with Eve and the boys again. After a rushed dinner, we all went to watch the Rangers game in the suite. Zack reminded me of an assignment I never did for our English class due that night and he let me use his computer to do it. About half way through the game Eve and I took off with one of her friends who owned a car to Taco Bell across the river. I had a crunchwrap supreme and cheesy fiesta potatoes and it was incredible. When we got back Sierra and Megan had joined us and we watched "Clerks II." I had never seen the first one but I loved the second. Erik took to saying "Happy Women's Day!" after every slightly awkward line. My favorite was "I got mayonnaise in my pooter." "Happy Women's Day!"

After the movie ended we wound up just sitting around joking and talking for a few hours. I argued against Zach on behalf of Anne Perkins in a debate on character necessity in Parks and Recreation. Eve remembered she still had tacos sitting in the corner. Eventually Garth wandered off to bed and we realized that no one still in the common room actually lived there. We were squatters.

Thursday and Friday were kind of busy days so I wanted to document them. Saturday I was pretty much the same as Friday night. And today, Sunday, I woke up in Kim's bed, went to breakfast, spent most of the time talking about Les Miserables, and then went on a walk in the woods. I found Craig, Garth, Ryan, and James there and walked with them until they turned back. I kept going and even got in a little rock climbing.

I realize this isn't very good writing and is probably awful to read but I kind of wanted an example of a typical weekend to keep. If you've read this and made it to the end, here's your gift.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow and my life

Hi, blog! It's late. Heading on to five in the morning. I got back at my dorm about an hour ago with Megan, Sierra, and Sean Charles but they are gone now and I'm all showered and tired. But I will bring us to this point after I talk a little about the last couple days. In list form because it's waaaaaaay too late for segues. Ready? Go!

1.) On Thursday afternoon a girl form down the hall came to my room. She told me she was moving in tomorrow. I accepted this.

2.) After band I went to Russell and told him that we only had one more night to enjoy the "couch" in my dorm, aka, Sierra's former bed. We liked to sit there and watch Man Vs. Food into the night.

3.) After band I went to the planetarium to advertise for Cosmic Club and help out. One of the other guys from the club, Cooper, got beat up by a three year old. It was awesome. He didn't think so.

4.) I got back to my dorm and tried to study for a French class scheduled for the next day but wound up watching 30 Rock instead until Russell came over. He brought me some ice cream he didn't eat much of (Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie <3) and we talked about classes and reminisced about the couch.

5.) After professing our hope that classes would be cancelled for Friday, we started discussing the snow and I suggested a snowball fight. Russell was faster and had better aim. But I was better at packing snowballs quickly and without leaving myself vulnerable. Also sometimes I can catch them when thrown at me. Russell accidentally dunked his sneaker in a puddle pretty early on and my glasses fogged up so that eventually I could only see shadows. So we were pretty evenly matched. We ran around our building shouting. One of our hall officials came outside and stood watching us for a bit to make sure we weren't doing anything illegal. After Russell nailed me in the head for the 3rd time I shouted "Do I look like I'm in the theatre department?!" He said "no," confused. I said "Then why do I need so many headshots!?!?" At one point instead of throwing a snowball I ate it and Russell was surprised. He hadn't known that you could eat snow. So I talked to him about all the wonders of snow for a while. Then we continued our fight and I, having gotten the last hit just as Russell thought he was safe having hit me and was fleeing towards the door, won.

It's 4:55 am and I am exhausted. I will write another post continuing this tomorrow. I may get caught in a loop of writing blogs two days after the events in them happen. I hope not. Good night/morning!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I should probably start this off by apologizing for my last post. I can't remember what it was exactly (but I do know it's bad enough not to re-read it.) I was upset. Somethings happened. I didn't like them. I lost my favorite hat. But other things happened as well In conclusion, my head is cold.

So. Now that that's out of the way....

Today? Today was pleasant. That's the best word to describe it I think. After a week of sleeping in, skipping class, eating like crap, feeling like crap, and not doing any work, I got out of bed this morning. At 9:30. Trust me. This was a big accomplishment for me. It is very hard to get out of bed at college when you live alone, haven't done the reading, and just, like, don't care that much? If there is one thing I believe is that people never want to leave their beds. Add to this the fact that I hadn't gotten to sleep before four in the morning in quite a few weeks and I say that this is downright miraculous!

But I got my ass to the dining hall to have a proper breakfast of rice chex with cinnamon and skim milk, a banana, a glass of lemon water, and 3/4th of a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter. (I really only wanted a half but that was the closest I could find in the bagel box. I don't know where the other quarter is but I hope it's doing well.) I ran into some friends there and they were all so shocked to see me conscious in what can be quantified as the A.M.

I didn't eat with them though. I studied for a French quiz instead because sometimes I am a responsible student. Despite my seeming inability to figure out when to use l'imperfait tense. But no matter how bad I was feeling for not knowing that, I think it's safe to say that I have a better grasp on the French language than most people in that class. They spent an hour arguing and trying to translate six sentences of La belle et la bete (The Beauty and the Beast) into English. SIX SENTENCES. By the end, after not saying anything throughout the whole affair shouting "IT'S A VERB! YOU JUST NEED A VERB!" Then we had 15 minutes for the quiz because the two girls in the opposite corner who never. stop. talking. insisted that we take it then. Why? By the time this semester is done I am either going to have the patience of a saint or the ulcer of my friend Tori.

Women and Literature was lovely as it tends to be. I like everyone in that class, even when we disagree. Everyone's intelligent ad insightful and just a good booster of confidence in the human species after French.

The highlight of my day was my four mile walk through the woods, though. It was sunny. The sky was clear. It was less muddy than it could have been. It was just this side of chilly. The scenery was gorgeous. And it felt so good. The trail was like a combination between a glen hike and a rail trail back home and even when I thought geese were going to attack me it was an excellent time. I saw three whitetail deer and made it back to the head of the trail just in time for civilian sunset.

Now after a solitary dinner I'm writing this blog post and watching 30 Rock. Later I want to finish the book we're reading for Lit and study Europe for my map quiz in International Relations tomorrow. It feels good to be re-learning the countries of Europe. It reminds me of the early days of AP Euro with my three foot tall Atlas. Which is also a pleasant memory.

Some days are just good.

What about you? (If anyone is out there reading this.) What normal life things made your day pleasant?