Saturday, December 31, 2011

Defintely Not: The Tales of My Winter Break

So it's winter break for me hear in my little irl life. So naturally that means a lot of parties and talking to people and things that generally require me to go outside. I mean, the other day I was outside for so long that I saw, like, seven clouds. Woo boy that is a lot of social interaction.

What do you mean that there's evidence on my tumblr and twitter accounts showing that I've spent the majority of the break watching Sherlock, Lost, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother? That's ridiculous. You can't do these things outside. Where I've been. What, do you think I'm so attached to my bed that I feel lonely without it? Me? Noooooo....

Hahaha. I could barely even type those outrageous lies. I mean, come on. Clouds? Doesn't that require me to leave the house, a thing I'm unfamiliar with?

Actually, that's also a lie. I have left the house a few times. I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game (Gay) of Shadows with Dan, Kate, Chris, and Elana for Dan's birthday. It was really, really good and got me to watch the BBC's Sherlock series the following day. If you ever talked about Doctor Who with me for an extensive period of time last summer you'll know that that is a miraculous feat for me as I refused to for months and months on the ground that I was angry at Steven Moffat for abandoning the Whovians with half a series to go and cheat on us with Sherlock. But I am so glad I caved. Sherlock is amazing. I think Moff is better suited for this type of writing than Doctor Who anyway, to be honest. I particularly enjoyed the first episode, A Study in Pink. That was excellent. So was the pool scene in the third episode. I'm so excited to find out how that's resolved. I'll find out soon! Also, I've always had a thing for the John Watsons of the world and seeing the movie with Downey and Law really renewed my love for all things Watson.

The next time I left the house was on Christmas Day. I went to the American Legion to work at their Christmas dinner. I worked desserts for the vast majority of the day and I was pretty good at it too. By the time I left I was giving orders. It was a bit like working behind a bar which I've done before, also for charity, and I'm good at it. Besides the fact that I'm still not sure what the American Legion does and a woman I was volunteering with who hid cheesecake for herself and my nearly passing out towards the end because I hadn't had anything to drink, it was a good time. The highlight of that event probably happened before the dinner actually started. One woman kept coming up to my family and asking all of these questions. Did we sing? Were we a church group? Were we the carolers? Are you registered to minister to people? Can you say a prayer? Have you seen our minister? Are any of you musical? It's like she thought we were the von Trapps or something. After she asked if we could say prayer for everyone I started muttering the Chanukah prayer in Hebrew but I don't think she noticed.

So I guess I've been out more than I originally thought. Besides these two days, I went to a friend's house to work on a Hamlet scrapbook a couple times for our English project. The first time disintegrated into us watching HIMYM and the second time ended in bagels.

And today, well, yesterday now, I had a five hour tea party with Elana, Kate, Dan, and Chris where I managed to break the house a little bit. You see, in my excitement at the fact that Elana and I were trouncing the boys in a game of Befudiom, I fist pumped a chandelier and the brass cover attached to the ceiling kind of fell off. As Elana said, "So much win it was a fail."

At this tea party I also realized that even when I'm being social, I'm basically still on the internet. You see, the people in this group of friends are all huge nerds. We talked Harry Potter, Doctor Who, gaming, SOPA, etc. While I was doing the dishes I distinctly heard the phrase "But you're already a werewolf!" from the other room. It was kind of incredible, as if my dining room table had been transformed into the internet. I'm always a bit in awe of the fact that these are my irl friends and at one point I came in to collect for dishes and said "How did I find you people!?" My replies were "Science Olympiad." "Science Olympiad." "Drama Club." "Challenge Team. No, playing with the hamsters in third grade." Of course. :)

And now I'm definitely not writing this while waiting for my sixth episode of Torchwood tonight to load while eating Doritos, hot chocolate, and chocolate cauldrons that Chris left. Definitely not. That stuff's for losers. I'm cool. Like a fez.

Oh deer lawd. I'll just end this blog post in shame, shall I?

Oh. And it's definitely not nearly four in the morning.