Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog ALL the Things!

Oh no! I have a blog. Whoops. I guess I should, you know, blog. Though I'm not sure if anyone reads this so actually I can blog whenever I want about whatever I want and no one will give me guff about it! Yes! I am blogging about cheesecake then.

My mom makes my siblings and I "back to school" pies. Which are exactly what they sound like. Except this year everyone forgot so she just made my little sister and I a chocolate cheesecake and it is so good and nearly gone and my mom is awesome, isn't she? I love her. And not just because she makes me cheesecake but because she's just really great.

Okay now I'm blogging about my mother. It's funny but so often people don't think about people from the internet as having parents. Like they're the children of Steve Jobbs or tumblr or a Dell and a Toshiba or something. But we do have parents. You just so rarely think about that.

If a Dell and a Toshiba did have a baby would that be considered a child of mixed race? Mixed brand? Wow. Maybe I should get out more.

I won't though. What's there to do and who's to do it with? Pretty much everyone who I mentioned over the summer has moved to college leaving me behind. I miss them. It's a bit boring without Kate, Chris, Elana, Dan, and Colin. Oh well. I'll see them in a couple months and I have gummy worms.

That's right! I have gummy worms. I forgot. Awesome.

Yeah I think it's safe to say I forgot how to blog.