Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2: Candid

I'm going to be candid with you all. I kind of slept through school today. I was just exhausted and hadn't done a biology lab and my room was still a mess from packing and returning this weekend and I was just feeling tired and bleh. So I didn't go. It's kind of a bad habit of me, having these days where I just need to catch up on things like homework and chores and so I stay home to do it. I've been a lot better about not doing that this year, though. Last year I probably did it way too much but I'm getting better.

Now I've finished the bio and have cleaned up my room a bit and all I really want to do is eat French fries. I love French fries. They're probably my favorite food. On Friday night my SciOly team had "dissatisfying" French fries because they were cold and a little soggy but they tasted really good dipped in my friend Trent's tomato sauce from his pasta haha. I think I'll go eat a bit before going to play rehearsal tonight. Since I didn't go to school today I'm technically not allowed to go to rehearsal but we're doing a mini-show in school on Thursday and since I missed practices for the last week due to SciOly I really should go. I also need to memorize my lines. We're doing Grease and I'm Miss Lynch and still relying on my script for my longer speeches.

And that's a bout it for today. I've slept and watched a lot of Arrested Development today and now I'm going to go eat. That's basically all you need to know about my life. Bye!

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  1. Yeah, I used to do that skip-school-to-catch-up thing too.
    Some days, you just have to sleep in, you know?

    And omg the amount of times I've skipped school but then showed up for rehearsal... xD
    School: missable. Rehearsal? Not so much.

    OOOO Grease. :D That's awesome.