Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11: The Slump

Hey guys it's technically the 12th right now because I just got home from seeing the Hunger Games for the 2nd time with my dad and sisters. It was better the 2nd time and everyone's still just as hot.

And yeah. That's about it. I got out of bed around 3 pm and ate depressing food and watched Parks and Rec and did laundry. The weather was exciting though. It hailed. A lot. Twice. The second time was actually really awesome and the hailstones were pretty big and I ate them and caught them in my water glass and made hailballs and threw them. Dancing in hail doesn't leave as much of a physical reminder as rain does and it doesn't have the innocence of snow. It's cold and wet and stinging and tangible and the things just bounce right off of you and feel incredibly strange under bare feet. Then you start yelling at the sky why is it covering the ground with kosher salt? Then later the sky turned gold like it did after I returned home from AwesomeCon in July 2010 except it was only on the edges and less intense and then a rainbow appeared for only a couple minutes.

The end.