Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer starts and finishes

As you probably guessed I'm back home by now. I have been for a few weeks, actually. The first week I spent going places and seeing friends and family but not so much after that. I sort of forgot how to make plans. And then I got a terrible sunburn that made it absolutely grueling to move. That healed a couple days ago. And now I've got a cold.

I am terrible at having colds. Break my toe, cut my leg, bite my arm, burn my finger, that's fine. I'll get through. But I absolutely hate hate hate when my throat is scratchy and my nose congested and my head light. It's just so annoying and takes so long to sleep and you can barely taste food. Without food and sleep, why bother? So I'm having a pity party inside my head and you're invited.

Since I last wrote the Office ended, I planted 29 strawberry plants, and tried unsuccessfully to teach my cousin's toddler how to say "ostrich." I can also now tell you about the bitter-sweet announcement I mentioned previously.

On New Year's Day in 2010, I started a podcast with my good friend Adam called the Potter Pensieve Podcast wherein we reread all of the Harry Potter books and analyzed them chapter by chapter. Since then the project has expanded beyond all our expectations. We befriended a website designer, Thio, gathered a team of bloggers, and added to our hosting panel. In the fall of 2010 I left my post as full-time host and since then only appeared as a guest on the show. That's changing. I'm back to my old position beside Adam, started a new series on the website where I create recipes to go along with the chapters in each episode we make, and . . . will keep going until we finish the project this summer if all goes to plan. That's right. We're on Half-Blood Prince now and are hoping to complete Deathly Hallows by September. We'll be joining the rest of the Potter podcasts hanging up their microphones this summer. It's sad, but the time has come. And in the meantime we're having a lot of fun working to make our last season one to remember.

I hope everyone's feeling better than I am on this fine June 8th. I think I'll watch Ace of Cakes. If I can't taste cake or make cake I can at least watch it being created, right?