Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3: Losing already?

Whoops! I nearly forgot to blog today. It's nearly 9:30 pm and I'm in my pajamas I have just let time slip by. I got home from Grease rehearsal nearly an hour ago (wouldn't you know it a hand-jive was playing on the radio on my way back home) and I've just been sitting on tumblr. I have to read two more chapters of The Scarlet Letter and study for a gov test I have tomorrow and possibly look over some biology answers. Like all three of those are actually going to happen.

Uh, let's pretend I'm interviewing myself.

So Heather, what has happened today?

Uh, we square danced in gym (YESSSSSAJkg;hda/klfhadjlh!!!!!!!!!) and I ran into a stray cat on my walk home?

How wonderful! Would you say this happens often?

Um, no. We don't spend nearly enough time square dancing. We should take the emphasis off of swimming and put it on square dancing. (In this town, square dancing may save your life just as much as swimming. Thankfully I'm good at both.) And the cat was really unexpected.

And is that all that has happened? Nothing else? Just square dancing, finding a cat, and rehearsal?

Well yeah pretty much. I watched some of the Office and Arrested Development, too. I was going to make custard because two years ago today The Eleventh Hour came out. I planned on celebrating Custard Day and was all ready when I got home but then I remembered that it is Easter/Passover season and my family goes through A LOT of eggs. I mean a lot. We're talking dozens. I think the all time record was 60 eggs a few years ago or something like that. And custard needs a lot of eggs, too and I just didn't think we had enough to spare. I wound up being right because we had eggs for dinner. I hadn't had an egg in a while because I just got really sick of them but they're pretty good.

So, moral of the blog: Eggs and stray cats. Now it's off to the English reading for me. I'll see you tomorrow, bloggies! (I probably shouldn't say that again.)

P.s. Oh and also I wound up with a prom date so that's pretty great. Okay bye.

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  1. OH YAY PROM DATE? WHO IS IT? A friend? Or someone ~else~?

    LOL I remember when we had to square dance in gym when I lived in Chicago. God damn, that's so Amurcan. I can't even. xD

    I'm so excited for Passover cause I freaking LOVE Matzah. yum yum yum yum.
    Sorry for not writing as meaningful, amazing comments as you do <3