Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17: I can smell a Tuesday

It's a Tuesday. I could smell it yesterday. And it has the scent even more today. Since it's a Tuesday.

I'm only going to give today's highlight because I have homework and stuff.

I walked around the track for all of gym class with my friend Allison. She has been shut out of her usual group of friends recently as well as breaking up with her boyfriend of two years. Needless to say she has not been the happiest or optimistic person. Which is fine. She can join Molly and I in the Communion of Cynics. Anyway, Allison convinced me to hangout with her 8th period instead of going home like I usually do so she didn't have to spend it with the people who were causing her so much anguish. I suggested that we walk down to the lower playing field but we wound up continuing on to a creek behind the school. I picked up a tennis ball along the way by the courts. We stumbled down the steep hills on the crude desire paths. My summers spent on the shores of lakes came in handy as I am exceptionally good at walking down steep, rocky, slippery surfaces. Once we both got to the little rock beach we skipped stones and joked and talked and considered never going back to school and just following the creek and seeing where it took us. I had never been down there before and I'm not sure if Allison had either but I think we'll definitely be back. It reminded me of the creek behind Kara Sabbagh's old house in Poughkeepsie. On our way back up to the school I decided to drop the tennis ball in the helmet in the basket of the moped of one of the older people who were playing.

It was a good day.

We found a lot of heart-shaped rocks but Allison found the best ones.

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