Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16: Tanning Club

Not much happened today. I just generally got back into the school groove. Or at least tried to. I was kind of surprised to find myself back in classes today as I had somehow gotten it into my head over the last week and a half that I had already graduated. And I forgot until just now that I was going to greet everyone all creepily. Next time, next time.

Today was outrageously hot for April. At one point my thermometer read 90 degrees F. It was hot and just a little heavy with moisture, with the air making the surroundings a little hazy and grey. The cloud cover had burned off some by late afternoon when I found myself on my deck in my favorite arrangement reading The All-American Boys.

Later I went to rehearsal. All of the actors except for a few late ones and most of the crew and a couple of musicians showed up around 5 pm when our calendar said our call was. The directors weren't there. As it would turn out, it was not a dress rehearsal and we didn't actually have to be there until 6 pm. Street clothes, baby. Usually I would have been thrilled to know this but in anticipation of the dress, I stayed in the tank top and gym shorts that I threw on after my walk home. This change of schedule prompted me to say "Dammit! If I had known it wasn't a dress then I would have worn more pants!" right as a group of children and their mother was walking by. So we lay on the pavement and ate French fries and talked and fell on each other and braided each other's hair. The rule was "Sun's out, gun's out!" meaning that you had to have your shirt sleeves rolled up because we frowned upon farmers tans. This was funny because a few of the boys were true hicks, from the rural part of our school district's rural town. When we told Nate to roll up his sleeves we were quite shocked at the guns he was packing. Swimming, man. It rips you.

A usual rehearsal followed with more reading and some light studying outside in between scenes for me. And all in all, it was a pretty enjoyable rehearsal.

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