Monday, May 13, 2013

No food is allowed in the library

No food is allowed in the library. But I am and I am hungry.

I have my French final tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'll be ready. And I still have international relations and English after that. Then I can finally leave this place. I need to return West. I have had enough of the transplanted citizens of that riotous island extending East from Manhattan. I have had enough of the wild parties and the cars of careless people and the paralyzing casualness of it all.

I may be being overdramatic. But I am very tired. And I want to go home to my kitchen where I can create everything that's been bouncing around in my head these last few months. I want to watch television on an actual tv. I want to watch British dramas with my mother. I want to play Risk with my friends and watch Tom Hanks movies. I want to go everywhere with Kate and Elana and anyone else who may be left. Mostly I want to not have to worry about the next assignment hanging over my head. And I really, really want to pass my road test.

My friends here are already making plans to see each other over the summer. Really? While I like them and will miss them, I definitely need a break. Living this kind of life gets exhausting after a while.

So those are some thoughts. They're a little weird but there they are. I'm posting them here because I logged myself out of tumblr and will not post anything until Friday when I'm out of my last exam. I'm sorry I've ben neglecting this blog. I've just been busy and I probably share way too much of my life anyway. But I've made a few youtube videos. And I have an important announcement I'll probably write about when I'm back home and it officially applies to me. It's a bittersweet one.

As far as what I've been doing these last few weeks, it's mostly been panic over money, panic over future, do some work, not do enough work, panic over not doing enough work, watch West Wing, eat, and pack. I really enjoy packing. I wish I had boxes with me so I could pack even more. Plus it gives me an excuse not to study.

I really should get back to French and I need to send my dad an e-mail so I'll talk to you all later and good luck to everyone else finishing up the semester.

Oh and here's a gratuitous picture of me in the library. I like my hair today. Also when the flash went off I heard a girl mumble "What the Hell?"