Friday, April 5, 2013

Mixing memory with desire

Hello, blog! This post is coming to you from outside Here's some proof:

It is very windy right now and that makes it chilly but the sun is out and the lawn outside of my building is covered with students like ants at a picnic going down hill. Hips are hula-hooping. Frisbees are flying. Softballs are soaring. A couple boys from the floor below me are kicking a soccer ball back and forth. People with guitars and saxophones and cymbals are criss-crossing the grass to get between the music buildings. I'm listening to a mix of The Zombies coming from Sierra's earbuds and jack-hammering from the construction project behind me. My bare toes painted a dusty blue are digging past the mulch into the soil beneath and my shoes are warming on a rock beside me. the leather jacket I took from Sierra last night is warm on my shoulders. It all feels very collegiate.

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in about a month. And that I didn't do BEDA like I meant to. Maybe I'll do "Blog More In April" instead. BMIA. I've been busy, I suppose. But more then that, I've been kind of happy. Or at least interested in life. It feel good. I feel like Things are happening. That's "Things" with a capital "T." I am enjoying the world this spring. I don't even mind that I just met the first swarm of gnats around my head this year. Hello, old friends!

Today I had a very surreal French class full of a stranger shouting the names of French vegetables at us in French while I tried to decide if I should laugh or cry. I should be posting answers for the class that was canceled this afternoon. Later tonight I'll do thing and maybe even see a people. The Zombies are singing in my ear about roses and Emily. The sky is bue. The grass is returning to green. And this world is treating me right.