Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 10: 1/3rd there

It's the evening now and I usually don't start writing my blog until later tonight in case something exciting happens but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Plus I'm listening to my dad on the radio so I don't have much else to do. and I like to do things with my hands when I'm watching or listening to something.

My dad is a doctor and he's talking about communities being planned that deter efforts to walk places and increase obesity. My dad was talking about how people need to exercise more and my mom mutters "He needs to exercise more." My sisters and I started laughing and then not two minutes later we hear our dad say "I need to exercise more myself" like he could hear us.

Oh my god an emergency alert system test just interrupted the program. Of course. xD

I have been a lot more healthy in general lately. Not this week because there is just so much food in my house. Plus I walk home from school almost everyday and since I don't have classes this week I've lost my mile and a half uphill trek. I just started walking about a month ago and I really like it. It's so nice. And on days that I walk I feel better about myself and I remember to be healthier for the rest of the day. Like if I know I'm walking home I usually won't eat two poptarts during the period before I leave. And when I get home I'm usually not very hungry so I'll eat a carrot or something. And then I'll do crunches while reading or watching tv or something. I'm just better when I walk. The high school and middle school are pretty much the only places you can walk to from my house so I might as well take advantage of it. Plus I don't have class for the last two periods so I get home more than an hour earlier that way.

Yup. That's about it. Oh remember when I wrote that huge and convoluted and confusing post about my prom situation? Yeah. My prom date is now in a relationship. We all knew it was coming but, um, weird. A little awkward. I almost wish he had told me, not because I like him or anything but because it would have been polite, you know? God why doesn't everyone involved in this thing just date each other and go together? So much simpler!

Okay, I have to go think of songs with the word "red" in them. A demain!

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