Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6: Team Prom?

Well yesterday's post was a little odd, wasn't it? I was quite frazzled due to a combination of an in-school mini-performance of Grease where people messed up and made it look like I missed an entrance. (I didn't.) A Passover seder at a Methodist church which always makes me a little uncomfortable. Thinking over what a great Penn State professor said in a couple of my classes he came to visit today. And the craziest prom drama ever. (I'll get to that in a bit.)

Today I watched the Office, went to the dentist where I had a slightly sassy oral hygienist. This woman was awesome. She must have been about 60 and was snarking it up over the dentist filling in while the normal guy was on vacation. Then I went to the library and got books. I love books. I'll have them all read before I go back to school probably. (Today was my first day of break.) After reading for a while and leftover matzoh ball soup eating, I went out with a few friends to bubble tea.

It was a lot of fun because the last time Natasia, Katharine, and I went for bub (we actually wound up eating ice cream) we talked about Natasia's love for this boy, Isaac. Today Natasia brought this Isaac with her. I heartily approve of this pairing even if Isaac does take my spot as the man in the group.

Laura was there as well and this brings me to the prom stuff.

I said earlier in the month that I had a date. I do. My friend Aubrey. But let me give you some history first.

In February I asked my friend Peter. He was already going with a friend of his from work, Katie. A while later I asked my friend Chris who is a year older and we always have a good time when we do something. He couldn't go. Last Saturday I asked Aubrey after the SciOly competition. He said yes three days later. Good, yeah?

Well yesterday my friend Allison told me that Katie had backed out and that Peter was going to ask our friend Brianna. But Brianna has wanted to go with this other guy. Apparently she's liked him for a really, really long time. So she said no. Laura's boyfriend, Mike, leaves for Navy training before prom so he can't go with her. She was going to ask Aubrey but then she talked to Aubrey and found out that I had asked him. So she said that he should go with me. So Aubrey agreed to go with me and the next period told me so. While we were sitting next to Peter in the library. So Peter knows I have a date and won't ask me. But if he did ask me then Laura would go with Aubrey. And if I go with Aubrey then I would suggest to my friend Tori, also lacking a date, that she should go with Adam, a friend from the trivia team we're on with Aubrey.

On top of that about 327458257478475 people want to go with friend Will who already has a date.

I have made it nearly 4 years with no major high school drama. And now with 10 weeks left until graduation, we get this mess. My life is turning into a poorly written teen romantic comedy that people will forget about for 10 years after it's release then find it on Netflix and watch with their friends when they're bored. I will be a cult classic.

Is it too weird to call a "Team Prom" meeting with all of the people listed above and sort this thing out?

Reading back on this post this does not sound like anything that would ever happen in my life. Ever. But here we are.

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  1. hhahahahaah ohmygod i have no ability to understand anything in this post. all the names. basically everyone likes everyone or is at least asking everyone else out to prom.

    Drama can be okay sometimes. When it's over at least. Then you're glad that you at least weren't bored to death.
    idk. <3