Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 20 and 21: What?

I didn't blog yesterday because it was opening night of Grease. I think it went pretty well. It was a full house. Afterwards we went to Friendly's like we always do after the Friday night show and I ate a Reese's Pieces waffle sundae which was mind blowing and bonded with Jordan over our tendency towards kleptomania.

I slept for 11 hours today and only got out of bed around 1400. And that was to eat a sub and a cannoli. I am watching The Show with Ze Frank and writing this and what? What is this new format? It is awful. It is literally the worst. Why does google always change things and connect things and wind up botching them ll up?

I have call in an our and 45 minutes so I'm going to watch as much Ze Frank as I can before then. Goodbye.

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