Monday, October 31, 2011

Sue from Catering's Halloween Adventures

If you're a Doctor Who fan and haven't seen this video yet, then watch it now.

Yeah. So after this video went live or was leaked or whatever it hit tumblr like the Oncoming Storm himself. I had seen the clip of David and the Proclaimers before when the BBC was doing their countdown to the Christmas Special back in 2009 and the image of David, John Simm, and Timothy Dalton all in a line but I had no idea where it had come from. It came from that brilliant masterpiece that you just watched.

The entire video was great as you would of course expect when you look at the people who made it. Every single part is flawless and laughable and meme-able. But Sue from Catering seems to have stuck out the most for the Whovians of tumblr and so a bit after 9 last night I decided to be Sue from Catering for Halloween.

Lately I've just used Halloween as an excuse to wear hats to school. This year I was thinking of going with a garrison cap but at the urging of my friend Sophie I asked my dad for a ride to the grocery store to get an apron.

So there I am.

(The scene is Wegman's. Nighttime. The aisles are emptying and the night shift has clocked in but the bakeries still open and the donuts haven't reached their late night cheap prices yet. A girl appears in a long, black, slightly ripped trench coat over pajama pants and green Chuck Taylor's with a bit of masking tape on the toe. A knitted hat that started its life as a sweater sits upon her head. A man in sweatpants and a fleece is with her. They roam the aisles looking for a black apron, but none can be found.)

I had called ahead to make sure they had black aprons but I couldn't find any with the rest. So I went to the customer service desk to ask where they were. The man working there went behind the counter and came back with an employee apron. He took it out of the packaging and gave it to me. Perfect! But then came the problem of whether or not I had to pay for it. The cashier was just as perplexed on the matter as my dad and I were. Was I about to steal an apron? Is it company policy to give away parts of staff uniforms to any girl wearing a trench coat?

It turned out that the apron was free. Yeah! That's right! Wegman's gives out free aprons. I encourage anyone reading this to get to a Wegman's as soon as they can and ask for an apron, a hat, a shirt, a vest, anything. Let's see what the limit is on gifts from the customer service desk. Will they give us a fleet of shopping carts? There's only one way to find out.

Right. So I suppose I digressed about there but back to Sue. I wrote "Sue" on a bit of duct tape and put it over the Wegman's emblem on my lovely, new apron. Dressed in black and armed with two wooden spoons and a sonic screwdriver I went to school. I really only did this to amuse the internet and myself and I knew that of the people at my school only my best friend, Brooke, would get it, but my god it was worth it!

By the end of the day my friends Christina and Kelly had me carrying a banana in the pocket of my apron and said that if I heard anyone say they were hungry I was to whip out a banana, say "Hi! I'm Sue from catering!", and hand them the fruit. Unfortunately it never came to this despite the fact that I had them planted in my biology class to complain about their hunger.

I've got plans to go get the on-sale candy tomorrow with Kelly so I have to finish my homework. I'll just leave you with this picture.

Sue from Catering, Neil Young/Brooke, and Tori the Mushroom
(note the sonic screwdriver, wooden spoon, and banana)