Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, sodomy, and HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT

Friday. 23rd November. 0:10:26 Warm. Relaxed. Lying on my bed at home. So much food inside me. So comfortable.

Wednesday, my first day at home, felt really right. I cooked with my mom in the morning. We were, of course, listening to NPR as it's always on in the background of my family. They were discussing Israel and every once in a while my mom or I would turn to the refrigerator upon which the radio sat and shout. I cooked some with my older sister, Sarah, but that was with less political shouting. Not none, but less.

Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, breads, cake, stuffing, cranberry sauce. When all of these were done, my sisters and I drove to get cider and doughnuts and shouted along to Taylor Swift songs as is our custom. It felt like our ice cream race from April of last year and it was lovely.

My uncle came that night and we celebrated our birthdays together. Sarah made a pumpkin roll and was surprisingly successful. I watched all of the Thanksgiving Friends episodes and worked on a scarf until past midnight.

Then Thanksgiving Day. I went downstairs a bit before noon and ate a doughnut and the last of the cider. I read for school for a while. My grandmother came over and commented on my weight and then I left and stayed in my room for the next three hours. Oh, Thanksgiving. No matter how well the holiday is going, you just have to throw something at me, don't you?

Dinner was normal I suppose. My dad had invited his medical student to the meal but she declined to study. So there were eight people but there wasn't real continuous conversation. So whenever it had been silent for a while I jut shouted things like "Abortion!" "Sodomy!" "Pegasus!" and "Captain America Erotica fan-fiction!"

Oh and no one could identify one of the turkey organs so I made a slide of tissue from it and I think we're taking it to the hospital lab tomorrow to examine it. I'll let you know what we find!

After dessert I was sitting around for a while and received a text from my friend Elana, asking if I was interested in getting in a shenanigan before the night was over. Of course I was! We decided to go to Barnes & Noble and then see Wreck-It Ralph. After marveling at the line in front of Wal-Mart that had already formed by 9 pm, stealing one of the every last parking spaces from a would-be Wal-Mart shopper, buying our tickets, and walking around the sidewalk with an empty shopping cart I had found, we realized that B&N was closed. So we walked back to the theater and hung out in the giantcomfyamazingstillnewtomechairs until the previews came on.

Oh my god the previews! It was the Hobbit. The Hobbit. Elana and I were gone. We clutched each other's hands and yelled silently and punched and kicked the air and Elana gasped and I sang along to the little song they sing. Martin Freeman, man. He completely did me in.

The movie itself was also really good. I'm usually not a big fan of animated movies but this one was really clever with just the right amount of cute. Maybe it just made me nostalgic for the old arcade of my childhood or the GameBoy Pocket games I played, but it really made me smile. I got a kick out of it. We saw it in 3-D and usually this gets to me after a while but, as Elana pointed out, the 8-bitness of the movie might have helped prevent any nausea.

As we came out of the theater we saw a GIANT cardboard cut-out of the Gandalf and Bilbo's door. Really freaking giant. Elana and I made a beeline for it, running through an Indian family, shouting "HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT!" As we posed for pictures with it, we decided that the night had officially become a shenanigan.

So we walked through the parking lot again, past some shoppers who were already leaving Wal-Mart/rural-suburban Mecca with their Black Friday purchases, though it was technically still Thursday, and headed across the river for home.

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