Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Astronomy, math, and a possible scalene triangle

Hello everyone! And by everyone I mean Future Me, mostly. Today is Wednesday in case you didn't know. (It's okay. I spent four hours yesterday, Tuesday, thinking it was Wednesday.) On Wednesdays I only have one class at 8 am so I have the rest of the day to myself. I'd say I was fairly productive, at least in comparison to other days.

I was supposed to go talk to the director of the symphonic band here on campus but no one was in the office so I ran away. Man sometimes social situations can really suck. I hate talking to people I don't know. I'm almost grateful no one answered my knocks. So I spent the next few hours doing math homework. I have a big exam on Friday and don't know nearly enough. It was oddly enjoyable in a vague sort of way. I'm really starting to like difference quotients. I think it's because you can use them to find the velocity of a guided missile. So that practical application is pretty cool.

Speaking of guided missiles I have to return a book to the library and go to astronomy club. See you when I get back!

Okay now I've returned, showered and warm again. It was SERIOUSLY cold tonight. On my walk back from the observatory I couldn't tell if it was my phone vibrating or my legs.

Anyway most of the afternoon was just math all over the place. Though Derek did come over before his class. We drank cider. I told the story of how I thought I was on a date but then the guy brought his mom to dinner. Derek tried to convince me that Batman does not think he is a bat and encouraged me to watch more Miyazaki films. (I saw "Spirited Away" a couple months ago.) We exchanged tales of getting into trouble or getting kicked out of business establishments. It was nice.

Then I had dinner with Sierra (my roommate), Kim, and Megan where I insulted two of Megan's loves, soy and cranberries. Sorry Megan, but they try and get into every food these days. Someone has to put their foot down.

I went to the astronomy club afterward as you know. I think I was the only person besides Raj (the professor) and Stephen (the president) who had been there before. The other four were from one of Raj's classes getting extra credit. It was kind of elementary because of that but still fun. Raj asked for the time when he was programming the big computerized telescope and one of his students said "Around eight-thrity-ish?" Raj said "I need specific." Just as I said "eight-twenty-nine." The new kids all said "Oooooh!" and I so I replied with "Ooooooh I can tell time."

It was the coldest yet but still fun. I hadn't been out that way in a month and a half because of other commitments so I loved getting back there. The girl who I usually walk back to campus with, Kaitlin, wasn't there tonight so that was disappointing. But I did kind of hit it off with one of the students. When Stephen was pointing out the Summer Triangle she asked "Is it a scalene triangle?" I burst out laughing and she joined in. I wish I had gotten her name.

Oh and I got to see Jupiter, including banding and its four Galilean moons, and the Pleiades. That last one always being a special treat.

Now I'm talking with Adam about how much the other's gender confuses us. He being a man and I being a woman. It's nice to know the complications go both ways. Speaking of Adam, here's a link to an article I wrote for the Potter Pensieve Podcast (a Harry Potter podcast and subsequent website I started with him) on my trip to Harry Potter: the Exhibition in Manhattan last weekend. Comment and you could be featured on the next episode of the podcast!

I think that's it for today. Tomorrow I'm going to the Museum of Moving Image with my combined media and composition class.

(Also I might have accidentally taken an extra dose of medication today so we'll see how this goes. Wish me luck.)

Until next time, everybody/Future Me!

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