Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am tired

I am tired of civilians discussing documentaries on war and debating how "accurate" they are.
I am tired of bleeding hearts looking at me like I'm a murderer if I say I eat meat.
I'm tired of isolated "Lon Gislanders" trying to tell me about square dancing.
I'm tired of the privileged going on about the benefits of organic produce while ignoring the existence of food deserts.
I'm tired of incessant slash shippers pretending to be the champions of the oppressed.
I'm tired of fan-girls crying for suicidal characters when real people around them want to die.
I'm tired of city kids never shutting up about their goddamned "real" pizza and bagels.
I'm tired of would-be activists protesting for the sake of protesting.
I'm tired of citizens of manicured Westchester berating those in company towns for having Romney signs in their yards.
I'm tired of well-meaning Downstaters debating hydro-fraking when they're tucked away safe from the effects.
I'm tired of the pretentious and their Nassau Coliseum shows.
I'm tired of waiting "online" and being asked to "higher it up."
I'm tired of hipster hippie wearing designer boots to a farm.
I'm tired of people ignoring the existence of Upstate and thinking I live in Indiana or god knows where.

I wrote that during my ecological anthropology class. It's basically a list of everything about the atmosphere of this place that makes me want to leave.

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