Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kara and Mo say things

When we last left off, I was sitting in a garish chair in my family room with plans to see Breaking Dawn in the morning. Now I'm sitting at the desk in my dorm room eating a cookie my mom made me with no plans about anything whatsoever. So much change in three days! Shocking. (Not actually. I could have predicted this a month ago.)

So Breaking Dawn, yeah? I saw it. I was... surprised. Yeah. That's it. Though the book does make a lot more sense now. I don't really feel like going into it but I had fun with Kate and Elana, observing Bella, Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Jacob, and co. When the movie ended the three of us stood up and said "Well. That's the end of my adolescence." Middle school is done, everyone. Throw away your sad journals and burn your emo poetry. Purge your iPod of Dashboard Confessional and maybe buy some clothes that aren't black, grey, or navy blue. We made it.

Mo and Kara are now suggesting things for me to blog about. So far I'm supposed to say that "punching is sexy" and that "would you rather games can cause massive divides amongst friend group really easily and should be played with caution." There you have it, folks. Today's blog.

No but actually I don't have much to say so I think I will end it now. Finals are coming up pretty soon and this week alone I have two papers, an experimental assignment, a discussion to lead, a project to start thinking about, a book to finish, and the usual math. So I'll be off!

(I still have no clue how to end blogposts so a;lhgsjlkghjgkj';sh;)

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