Saturday, November 24, 2012

A night of elves and irresponsibility

Welcome to Heather's Blog of Irresponsibility! I'm sitting in my family room in a giant, circular, turquoise chair that my older sister, Sarah, brought from her apartment when she moved back here. Elf is playing. I know, I know. Thanksgiving barely ended and it's not even December yet but the last 2nd to last Thursday of the month came so early this year and there's a light sprinkling of snow on the ground and I saw a couple gifsets of the movie on tumblr. So I'm watching Elf while I blog, my brother Billy reads, and our younger sister works on her NaNo.

It's rather peaceful. It's just past midnight. The gas fire is crackling away. Linda and I are tapping away at laptop keys. The bag of popcorn beside me is warming my arm.

Sidenote. My parents were having the kitchen redone at the end of the summer and it wasn't finished by the time I left for school. Since I've been back I've had to relearn where things are and how to use the new convection oven. Check out how it deals with popcorn:
These last couple of days I haven't bee up to much. The only memory I really have of Friday was talking with my old prom date, Aubrey, around midnight about park ranging and binge eating. What a great guy.

Saturday was a little more eventful. I went to the hospital with my dad to try and identify the weird bit of tissue we had from the Mystery Turkey Organ. We couldn't. It fell off the slide, was too thick, and my dad shattered the cover slide. But I always enjoy hanging out in the hospital and I welcome a lab adventure. Though my dad wouldn't let me take a biohazard specimen bag to fill with dining hall food and leave in the refrigerator for my roommate to find.

After that we went to Wegmans, the best grocery store in the entire world. I hadn't been since August and boy had I missed it! We ran into Sarah when we got there who was just leaving work as the three of us have a habit of doing. After discussing squashes and the incredible increase in Matt Lewis' attractiveness (don't ask) we went to the butcher to describe the organ. He looked mildly amused and said it was a gizzard. Those aren't found in mammals. So that certainly explains why we couldn't identify it. Then I picked up a box of popcorn (hence my eating it now), a thing of Jammie Dodgers (I freaking love them, they make me think of home even though I'm from New York and I wanted to give one to Brooke in case I saw her today which I didn't), and some trail mix. My dad told me he was paying for the food so Sarah and I had a great time at the trail mix bar like Kara and I did over the summer.

I spent the rest of the day lounging about with Sarah and Billy, dropping not-so-casual hints about Christmas presents and eating the best pizza in the world with my family. And after far too much time spent on tumblr, here we are. I should be writing a paper or doing reading but, well, I'm not. Hence the irresponsibility. I have about half a page written on life in North Korea. So that's better than nothing I suppose.

But what can I say? It's my last night at home after a three month absence. Tomorrow morning I'm seeing Breaking Dawn with Kate and Elana. I got a text message from Kate that said "Breaking Dawn really early tomorrow morning." I was a bit confused as to whether or not we were seeing a movie or watching the sunrise together, both of which we've been known to do. But no, it's a movie at 9 in the morning. But it's time with Elana and Kate so I'll take it.

All right some final thoughts on Elf:

-Zooey Deschannel looks REALLY GOOD as a blonde.
-Will Ferrell is really weird.
-I have so many questions left unanswered.
-This movie is the kind you only watch once a year when you're in a very special mood. Tonight is that time.

Next time you hear from me I'll probably be typing from a dorm desk rather than a weird chair that doesn't match any decor in the house but just SHOUTS twenty-something. So goodnight and may your holiday/final season be everything you want it to be.

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