Friday, November 16, 2012

Emotions running high

Well what an emotional day it's been!

I slept through my first class this morning. That's the third absence I've had and means that I have to be there for all the rest of them. So I slept late and then began to panic.

I was panicking because I was registering for classes. And right after that I had a math exam. I tried studying before my sign-up time slot at 12:30 but there was just so much and I was so unprepared! So I checked to see that the schedule I had devised for myself the other week was still workable.

It wasn't.

My dream history class, Europe Since 1945, was full. And I couldn't take Exploring the Universe because there were no seats left for sophomores and they were all reserved for freshmen. So I threw myself in an Early Modern Europe class, changed my International Policy course to a different time, and was left with Contemporary Issues in Literature to fulfill my diversity gen ed requirement (the class on lesbian living was full.) So that plus symphonic band (still haven't met with the director!), Women in Literature, and my French course gives me 17 credits and a panic attack.

But before I could actually sign up online for these classes I was locked out of my account. I entered my code when 3/4 of my clocks said it was 12:30. But I guess it wasn't according to the school because after a couple of attempts the website told me that they suspected a break-in and I couldn't login for a few minutes. At this point I was glad I hadn't put on mascara that morning because I'll admit that I sort of broke down and started to cry. But I decided to try one more time before pulling myself together and calling the computer services desk and it worked. I was able to register and get in maybe 20 minutes of studying before leaving for my exam.

At this point I have to give my thanks to the lovely Etco for supporting me through the morning/afternoon of troubles. I'm so glad I have him for emotional support.

After the exam I went to lunch and then the gym with Sierra (roommate), Megan, and Kim. It was good. I biked about 9 miles and watched Futurama because technology is crazy. Then we had an uneventful night of hanging out. I'm back at my dorm now in pajamas. Sierra's eating popcorn. I'm tired.

Oh and at dinner I saw my group of friends. I said hi but I was eating with the women mentioned above. They didn't say goodbye when they left nor did they tell me what they were going to do and I didn't receive one message from them throughout the night. Hmmm....

I think I'll watch some tv before going to bed. Good night!

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