Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Night, This Year

Okay hello! This will be late again I'm sorry but I started writing this before midnight I swear. Again, I just got back from the Suite. That's what we'll call it from now. The Suite is a suite where many of my friends live. Or they live in suites near it. The Suite is sort of like Monica's apartment in Friends. It's like that minus the millionaire. We do not have a millionaire.

Anyway that's where I was tonight we were watching Always Sunny and the League and eating a super late dinner. Then Megan decided to clean Jesse's ear with hydrogen peroxide and Sierra left to do homework. The boys began to squabble so Megan and I followed shortly after. Ugh. Boys.

That is also where I was last night that I had such a good time. I went to a food place near the dining hall that is not the dining hall because as a second-year student I now have the option to only be made sad by it five times a week. Megan and Sierra met me a little while later and I decided I wanted some yogurt. There Ryan came up and tapped us on the shoulder. He was there with Will and Craig and Jesse appeared shortly afterward. We got our food and went up to the Suite to watch tv. It was so much fun just sitting around. There are barely any classes on Wednesday so Tuesday is a party night at my school. But not last night. The most exciting part of my night was when Megan, Sierra, Craig, Ryan, and I went to get ice cream. That sounds pathetic but it was really fun.

But the night wasn't even the best part of Tuesday. That was when I went to the forest. The only time I'd been on the trail by myself since I got back to school I just stopped at the waterfall and red for macroeconomics. But this time I went farther and discovered a new place by climbing these rocks and visited the geocache Ryan, Craig, and I found the other day and scared the hell out of a dining services guy when I emerged from the thick growth on the steep bank at the head of the trail. But what made it truly, truly unforgettable was the soundtrack my iPod blessed me with when I put it on shuffle. Here it is.

No More- Alex Day
At Least I'm Not (As Sad As I Used  To Be)- fun.
Just Love (War is Over)- The Remus Lupins
Since March, Since September, and Still- The Mudbloods
Major Minus- Coldplay
All the Pretty Girls- fun.
Mylo Xyloto- Coldplay
Bottom of the River- Delta Rae
Green Eyes- Coldplay (So perfect.)
Mom, Your Boyfriend is a Douche- Matt Maggiacomo
Up in Flames- Coldplay
The Gambler- fun.
Forever Yous- Alex Day
Melancholy Astronautic Man- Allie Moss
S.T.D. Puppet Show- Matt Maggiacomo (Weird but it somehow worked)
Politik- Coldplay
Trouble- Coldplay
Bonus Track: Reflections on a Pensieve (A Tribute to the Mudbloods)- The Sweetwater All Stars
Treacherous- Taylor Swift (Not even fair. This started playing as I passed the bank where I fell in last spring. "This slope is treacherous...")
The Lucky One- Taylor Swift
Wish I Lived in Lorelei- Harvey Dowd

And right as I was leaving the trail and was about to take my headphones out what should start playing? Why one of my favorite songs in the world by my favorite band. "This Year" by The Mountain Goats. Any other song and I would have just put my iPod away as planned. But not this. And you know what makes it even more perfect, if that's possible? Today is Rosh Hashana. The Jewish New Year. And I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me. Especially if it kills me. L'shanah Tova, everyone.

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