Friday, September 6, 2013


Okay so last night wound up being a bit less boring. At dinner I got a Philly cheese steak but it was giant and I didn't finish it. As I was walking back to the dorm arm-in-arm with Megan I got a little hungry again so I bent down and took a bite of it. With Megan's face right next to mine.

Later that night I found a surgical bonnet and mask in my suitcase. So I put them on and Becky and I went across the hall to knock on Megan and Sierra's room. When Megan opened the door. I jumped out at her brandishing a pair of scissors and she fell over backwards and just lay on the floor crying. It turned out that Sierra had been threatening to cut off the strings on her shirt with a pair of scissors all day.

Also there was a hummingbird in the food place. It flew into a wall.

Today I slept through my macroeconomics class. Including the quiz that I was studying for the night before. Oh well. After French I went for a hike and skipped so many stones that my elbow hurts. That is seriously a lot of stones. At one point I found myself standing in the middle of a river listening to One Direction. Then a golden retriever burst out from the trees and jumped in the water. This is my life now. Sleeping through class and watching dogs.

I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight. I may just wander around. I may climb a tree. I may eat pizza. Who knows? I hope everyone's had a good day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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