Monday, September 2, 2013

Tater tots and rowdy boys

Well hey guys! Welcome to another edition of BLEDS. Here is my word blood! (That sounds a bit weird. I may have to change that.)

Today started out weird in the fact that Megan and Sierra actually woke up before. Or at least didn't stay in bed watching tv like I did. (Still on a Scrubs re-watch.) So we went to the dining hall as usual and get this, there were tater tots. Finally! I had this strange idea in my head that as soon as the dining hall served tater tots, then things would be okay. And you know what's even stranger? I think that this may have been right.

Yes things sure seem a lot sunnier than they did yesterday, despite the massive thunderstorm that made Becky and I jump and swear. Speaking of Becky, she joined Sierra and Megan and I for dinner tonight. I was so not feeling the dining hall and ate only half a bow of Cheerios and raisins. We had this huge table for just the four of us because it was the only one free when we got there and I joked that we would have to grab people to join us.

Well. We kind of did.

Sierra started waving at some friends a few tables over, but this group of rowdy freshman who were between us started waving back. We were all laughing and waving at each other when one of them asked "Do you mind if we sit with you?" To which I responded in all seriousness "Yeah of course."

So three of them joined us while the others ran off God knows where. As it happened we had met one of them, Terrence, the night before when we were with Tara. He even remembered all of our names. He, Sam, and Mike gave us one of the absolute strangest dinners I have ever had at the dining hall. And that is saying something.

They taught us slang like "turning up" and "Hollywood" and joked about one of the cooks whom they had nick-named Chef Ramsay. Then a table nearby burst into a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for a girl who lives next door to us. the boys got so into it. One of them started banging the table over and over and over again until my friends and I were forced to grab the dishes from falling over. And they just kept going. I was a little sad to leave them at the end of the meal. Hopefully we'll see them again.

When we got back to our hall I just made some coffee for Megan, Sierra, and I (Becky mostly just drinks water) and watched tv/decorated/did some reading. My mom called. Now I'm writing this. That's about this.

Now for the super vague explanation you've all been waiting for. There's this thing with a friend and I was freaking out because I thought I messed things up and so I sent him a message apologizing but he never responded and last night I stopped by his suite briefly and he didn't say anything but that wasn't very unusual but I was still freaking out a bit and then I talked about it with Megan, Sierra, and Tara while watching Food Network and then I slept and then I woke up and realized there were tater tots and that everything was gonna be okay.

So that's what's been going on. I think everything's cool now. I hope. But I'm still going to be doing BLEDS because I can't donate blood for a while and this is FUN, right?

Until tomorrow.

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