Monday, December 10, 2012

Cookies, composition, and NASA boys

I just got out of my LAST COMP CLASS EVER and today has been strangely funny so far. I woke up with only ten minutes left of my media class. This sucked because we were hoping to present our movie today but I wasn't there so we'll go next week. I saw Megan when I went to lunch and while everyone else was shouting "Happy birthday!" I shouted "I'M SO SORRY!" It's fine, though. No one else in the group wanted to present anyway so postponing was fine with them.

Then I went to ecological anthropology. And maybe it was because it was the last class before the final and I was feeling nostalgic, but I felt oddly calm and happy. We went over the review sheet and then our professor showed us this video of an amazing solar powered light plane. My mouth was open and my eyes were so huge I was so wowed by it.

I went back to my dorm, bummed around on the internet for a while, and then actually started my math homework. Weird. Then it was time for comp. Trish, Russell, and I stole a bunch of cookies from the dining hall last night for our class party and I took even more this afternoon at lunch. So we brought them in and told people we baked them and laughed because it was obvious they were stolen. Our professor asked us about our first semester and what was easy and what was hard. When she asked what the hardest thing to deal with was I said "Crippling depression and social anxiety!" People laughed uncomfortably and it was great. Our professor also happened to be my adviser so she vaguely knew this part of me and watching her respond to this was hilarious. She's a cool lady. Even if she does want me to rewrite my last paper and is making Brooks retake the final. She made us apple crisp with whipped cream and gave us Belgian chocolates she stole from her husband and chocolate covered peppermint sticks and cranberry blackberry juice that made Derek and I wretch at the sound of it. I have a lot of feelings regarding cranberries.

Not very many of our cookies were eaten. When Trish and I left the building I shouted "WHO WANTS COOKIES!?" and I guy behind us was interested. He only wanted one of them but Trish dumped her container onto my tin of them and I placed the tin in his hands and we ran. So now there's a guy wandering the campus trying to give away 15 stolen dining hall cookies. That is if he hasn't thrown them away. He kept asking us if they were poisonous.

When I got back to my hall I saw a group of three boys knocking on doors campaigning for student senate. I noticed one of them was wearing a NASA shirt so I said "Hey boy with the NASA shirt, what's your name? I'll vote for you." It turned out he wasn't running, though. He was campaigning for a girl from my ecological anthropology class who I was already planning on voting for and two of her friends. The boys swarmed to me and I said I was unsure and that I really wanted to vote for someone wearing NASA shirt. They said that the people running also wore NASA shirts and shirts with wolves on them. I liked wolves, didn't I? Sure I do. Then one asked if I liked Harry Potter. I gestured to the Deathly Hallows shirt I was wearing and said "Obviously." They assured me that they loved Harry Potter and so did the people running. So I guess they have my vote?

I went into my room and Sierra was laughing. She heard it all through the door. I told her that what I meant to say was "Hey boy in the NASA shirt, what's your number? We should talk about space." Except I had a chocolate-covered candy cane sticking out of my mouth so I'm not sure how beguiling I looked. Probably not very.

I think I'll do some more math homework and maybe go see Elena now. I haven't seen her in over a week. Until next time!

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