Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to make yourself feel better

Hi. I realize that no one reads this anymore because I don't post anymore. And I'm fine with that. I really am. But if you got lost and happened across this, listen up. Because today I am going to teach you how to make yourself feel better.

Step 1.) TURN ON THE LIGHTS! I know it's tempting to wallow in the darkness and you think that if you see your reflection in the mirror you'll puke, but trust me. Things will look better when you can look at them.

Step 2.) Wrap yourself in a blanket. It's nice and it's warm and it's soft and it's like a hug without having to talk to anyone. My blanket of choice is the only blanket I have here. A lovely blue fleece one that was a gift from my high school's music department. It's like a sousaphone engulfing me with tenderness.

Step 3.) Stop assigning meaning to objects. That shoe does not represent all the hopes and dreams you once thought were possible. It represents a foot. Don't make a shoe more than a shoe.

Step 4.) Hydration! Water makes you feel better it just does. And if you can't eat then at least it will make you feel a little more full.

Step 5.) Go out and do something. Do not just sit around and wait for the call you're hoping will come. You will find distraction and maybe realize that what you thought meant so much to you, doesn't actually. So stop jumping every time your phone buzzes. You know it's only a tweet from Maureen Johnson. Get oustide.

I know this will all come across as rather hypocritical. I am currently sitting on my bed wrapped in my blanket while Spirit Weekend on my campus rages all around me. But at least I realize that who knows? Maybe I'll drag my ass outside to the quad in a bit and try and be enthusiastic. After all, it's a balmy 72 degrees with a pervasive mist. That should be like pure energy to an Upstate girl.

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  1. <33333 im readin'!
    and i hope whatever it is that's keepin you down stop doing so soon enough. lolol. im sure it will.
    also number 3 made me laugh.

    go out and have fun <3 or stay in. whatever makes you happy.