Tuesday, August 9, 2011

College-ing: The Hunt- Part 1

So yesterday I went to go college hunting around New York City. And so I don't forget my impressions of the places I visited, I'm writing them down.

College One
Of the three I visited I think this one was my favorite. I mean, the first thing I heard when I got on campus was "Go to the castle." How can you go wrong with that!? I liked the more compact feel the campus had, the dorm rooms were nice, and it had a 24 hour library. Plus it seemed to have a solid history department. Our tour guide was pretty sweet, too. He kept misspeaking. My favorite things he said were "All the bathrooms have sinks" and "All freshmen are required to have cars". He's a senior and a history major. His general thesis topic is unity in the US during WWII. Seems pretty interesting. So yeah I liked this school.

Oh also the college used to be an all-girls Catholic school and this woman on the tour asked if it was "in your face Catholic". xD

College Two
This was a huge tour group and I could barely hear anything our guide said but my general impression of this school was that it is super artsy. And that they don't put a huge emphasis on the gen eds. So I could practically enter as a sophomore. And I don't think they have many history majors. But if I wanted to pick up a minor in film production and become the next Ken Burns then this would be a great place for it. And they have a Starbucks on campus. Just saying.

Before the tour started I heard a guy talking behind me and he kind of sounded like the serious actor type so I tweeted "Ugh. I think there's an actor who takes himself seriously behind me. No one should ever take themselves seriously. Especially an actor." Just hearing snatches of his conversation kind of reminded me of someone I didn't want to be reminded of. But as luck would have it his dad went to medical school with my father and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. A Shakespearean actor who's into Greco-Roman history. So sorry I made that snap judgment of you, Alex!

College Three
You seem like a lovely school for business and finance and economics majors who want to work with money and I know you have a great nursing program, but I just didn't get the feel that you were right for history nerds who don't really give a damn about money and don't have the patience for the Fortune 500. But you have a beautiful campus. And you have a farm. And a cute little pond. And you offer some pretty sweet financial aid and scholarships. And you seem organized. And I don't know if I'm seeing you objectively or not because of what happened right before the visit, though.

So here I am eating at a diner in Sleepy Hollow. I'm having a pretty good time. I'm awake. I have one more visit. And yeah Kara and Kristine are out of town and it'll be too late to visit West Point by the time we get there and I don't have Sierra's or Vikki's phone number  to call them and possibly set something up and I missed Jason's exit. Okay. Whatever. It's not the first time I've had plans fall through. But then. Oh but then. I get a message. From Zach. Saying he'll be in Manhattan. Four. Hours. After. I. Leave.

Zach. My Llama. The one who I only just left in Orlando a few weeks ago. Who, living in Canada, I will probably have few opportunities to see again soon. Zach! It had to be him, didn't it? Mo? Okay we don't live that far from NYC or Poughkeepsie or someplace we could meet up. Alice? We're from the same general area. We're bound to see each other again. Kara? I wind up seeing you the most out of any of my URL friends. But Zach? A Canadian? Too. Fucking. Much. Ugh! Just another lesson in why life is not fair.

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