Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend documentation cont.

All right, where did I leave off? Snowball fight? Great.

The next morning I went to my French class, ready to fail, as I didn't do anymore studying after Russell left, but enough people didn't show up to class because of the snow that we convinced our professor to push back the test until Tuesday. The rest of the class was pretty uneventful but at one point someone called the professor "Sassy-Pants."

My English class was cancelled that day so I went to lunch and met up with Russell, Erik, Kevin, Jesse, and Eve. Eve and I made plans to play in the snow later. We wound up walking to town to try and find a sled. We couldn't find one in our budget so we bought a license plate that said "BOYCRAZY" for the boys to put in their suite and order dark chocolate, Irish cream concoctions at Dunkin' Donuts. We never did play in the sow but we found out we had a ton in common so it was fun anyway.

When I got back to my dorm I found my new roommate with her friend and boyfriend, almost finished moving in. I made small talk for a bit until I could make my excuses to go meet up with Eve and the boys again. After a rushed dinner, we all went to watch the Rangers game in the suite. Zack reminded me of an assignment I never did for our English class due that night and he let me use his computer to do it. About half way through the game Eve and I took off with one of her friends who owned a car to Taco Bell across the river. I had a crunchwrap supreme and cheesy fiesta potatoes and it was incredible. When we got back Sierra and Megan had joined us and we watched "Clerks II." I had never seen the first one but I loved the second. Erik took to saying "Happy Women's Day!" after every slightly awkward line. My favorite was "I got mayonnaise in my pooter." "Happy Women's Day!"

After the movie ended we wound up just sitting around joking and talking for a few hours. I argued against Zach on behalf of Anne Perkins in a debate on character necessity in Parks and Recreation. Eve remembered she still had tacos sitting in the corner. Eventually Garth wandered off to bed and we realized that no one still in the common room actually lived there. We were squatters.

Thursday and Friday were kind of busy days so I wanted to document them. Saturday I was pretty much the same as Friday night. And today, Sunday, I woke up in Kim's bed, went to breakfast, spent most of the time talking about Les Miserables, and then went on a walk in the woods. I found Craig, Garth, Ryan, and James there and walked with them until they turned back. I kept going and even got in a little rock climbing.

I realize this isn't very good writing and is probably awful to read but I kind of wanted an example of a typical weekend to keep. If you've read this and made it to the end, here's your gift.

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