Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow and my life

Hi, blog! It's late. Heading on to five in the morning. I got back at my dorm about an hour ago with Megan, Sierra, and Sean Charles but they are gone now and I'm all showered and tired. But I will bring us to this point after I talk a little about the last couple days. In list form because it's waaaaaaay too late for segues. Ready? Go!

1.) On Thursday afternoon a girl form down the hall came to my room. She told me she was moving in tomorrow. I accepted this.

2.) After band I went to Russell and told him that we only had one more night to enjoy the "couch" in my dorm, aka, Sierra's former bed. We liked to sit there and watch Man Vs. Food into the night.

3.) After band I went to the planetarium to advertise for Cosmic Club and help out. One of the other guys from the club, Cooper, got beat up by a three year old. It was awesome. He didn't think so.

4.) I got back to my dorm and tried to study for a French class scheduled for the next day but wound up watching 30 Rock instead until Russell came over. He brought me some ice cream he didn't eat much of (Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie <3) and we talked about classes and reminisced about the couch.

5.) After professing our hope that classes would be cancelled for Friday, we started discussing the snow and I suggested a snowball fight. Russell was faster and had better aim. But I was better at packing snowballs quickly and without leaving myself vulnerable. Also sometimes I can catch them when thrown at me. Russell accidentally dunked his sneaker in a puddle pretty early on and my glasses fogged up so that eventually I could only see shadows. So we were pretty evenly matched. We ran around our building shouting. One of our hall officials came outside and stood watching us for a bit to make sure we weren't doing anything illegal. After Russell nailed me in the head for the 3rd time I shouted "Do I look like I'm in the theatre department?!" He said "no," confused. I said "Then why do I need so many headshots!?!?" At one point instead of throwing a snowball I ate it and Russell was surprised. He hadn't known that you could eat snow. So I talked to him about all the wonders of snow for a while. Then we continued our fight and I, having gotten the last hit just as Russell thought he was safe having hit me and was fleeing towards the door, won.

It's 4:55 am and I am exhausted. I will write another post continuing this tomorrow. I may get caught in a loop of writing blogs two days after the events in them happen. I hope not. Good night/morning!

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