Friday, November 25, 2011

The thing about Thanksgiving....

So the think about Thanksgiving is that it's awkward. It just is. Suddenly all of these people who you see a few times a year at most start flooding into your house. And even though they may be related to you, a lot of them are still basically strangers to you. Having similar genetics doesn't actually mean you know them or have anything substantial in common. And yeah, you love them in all but it's still weird, there's no getting around that. And yes, this is true for pretty much any holiday but Thanksgiving has an extra oddness about it.

For starters, it's kind of just shoved in the year. Here you are, going along and having a nice autumn, watching the trees change and whatnot when suddenly, a wild holiday appears in the tall grass! and really, what is it even doing here? I'm just trying to enjoy my November, the Holden Caulfield of months, but now I can't because of this random holiday that just decided to show up, catapulting us forward into winter before the tree I stare at everyday in biology class has even lost all of its leaves.

Second, what exactly are we celebrating? If you ask ten people, you will get ten different answers. And that's fine, really, it is. But isn't it strange how we have this national holiday that is supposed to bring people together that means a different thing for every person? And shouldn't we be thankful for things all year long and not just on one day a year? Which brings me to number three.

Every person has those two friends who see Thanksgiving completely differently. One is the all-American, I-just-shot-my-own-turkey-in-the-frozen-food-section, good old boy. And then there's the politically correct, never-shuts-up-about-how-we-shot-Indians, disillusioned cynic. And every year, you listen to the "I'm thankful America is the best" speech and read the "Hypocrites! You're all hypocrites! Eat nothing! Buy nothing! Trust no one over 30!" facebook status. And don't you just want to introduce them to each other so they can preach and yell at the other while you eat mashed potatoes?

The fourth reason Thanksgiving is weird is more personal for me. My birthday falls a few days before Thanksgiving every year and I can't really enjoy it because it marks the start of the most awkward holiday of all. And I feel awful that my mom goes through so much trouble for my birthday and then for Thanksgiving.

Fifth on the list is all of the food. Food is great, yeah? I personally love it, but after 18 years of eating turkey for a month each year I'm kind of sick of it. Literally. I don't know what it is but for the past few years the smell of cooking poultry just makes me ill. Oh and then when the left over turkey is put in a soup I get really confused because the house smells like apples from the pies or apple crisp so I start to think that it's Passover.

And lastly, when exactly does Thanksgiving begin and when does it end? In other words, when can I stop feeling like a stranger in my own house? When do people go home? It sounds rude, and it is, but I just want to have the house to myself for one night. The view from my bedroom window gets a little boring after long enough. And I want to film videos but I feel so awkward and nervous about doing it with a full house.

So now you know why Thanksgiving is so damn awkward and why this may have been my last "traditional" Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I'll come home for it next year. Honestly, I would be so happy just spending the holiday on the floor with some cartons of leftover Chinese food, a good friend, and plenty of Doctor Who episodes. Is anyone free next year?

Also, I'm officially dropping out of NaNoWriMo. I got sick last week and had too much schoolwork so I couldn't write and I haven't caught up. I just don't want to. Next year, maybe I'll finish. But for now, I'm ending it with 28,169 words.


  1. Part of the reason I like Thanksgiving is because I'm fairly close with a lot of my family, but I don't necessarily like them all of the time. But I choose to look at it as, we are all such different people with different opinions and views on life, and somehow, we can put that aside for a few hours and sit down and eat. It's just so purely human. But I understand that it can be really awkward, when I go to my dad's side of the family it's really uncomfortable and annoying. But I hope next years Thanksgiving, is really wonderful, however you spend it. :D.

  2. Thus why my family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (even the Canadian one). It's just awkward .

    Also, I would be so so so so SO down to have leftover Chinese food and a floor and DW episodes and you next November.


  3. p.s. and imagine how awkward American thanksgiving is for CANADIANS! Because seriously, you guys go CRAZY with the Thanksgiving buid-up, etc. The entire internet turns ~thanksgiving~ in November and all of us up here are just like "derp. we quietly celebrated our holiday a month ago..."
    xD It's just very strange. It's this huge craze that i can't (nor do i want to) get into.