Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today was very nice. I woke up at 1330 and didn't get downstairs until 1530. Then I ate a bunch of cookies with my mom, Billy, and Sarah. I read the Fellowship of the Rings and ate beef barley soup with my mom, Billy, and Linda. Then Elana came and we went to trivia night.

Wednesday is trivia night. I had been hearing tales of it from my friends for over two years now. But I had never gone. An invitation was never extended to me until I was in Aaron's kitchen last night and Will asked if I wanted to come. I did. Elana and I discussed dwarves and weird Korean shows on the ride over to the bar and grill. We parked across the street and leaped majestically through mounds of snow to leave the parking lot. There we found Mary, Colleen, Brad, Tori, Josh, and Jenny Sue already in a booth with drinks and answer sheets. Elana and I ordered lemonades and brownie sundaes and joined them. We caught up on each other's lives and talked about One Direction and Jenny Sue was shouting at a tv where her beloved Florida Gators were playing. A few questions in Will showed up and we squeezed a chair onto the end of our booth.

It was a 2012 year in review night and the questions were all about things that had happened in the past year. Tori impressed us all by knowing all three winners of the Voice though none of us were that surprised. Brad knew that the inventor of the barcode had died. We were mostly useless about sports except for Jenny Sue who got a name right here and there. I wasn't even ashamed that I knew that Burning Man was answer to one of the later questions. I started to laugh, grabbed the pencil from Tori's hand, and scribbled it down. For the half-way wager question the DJ told us that the category was "human accomplishments." I knew right away that it would be about Felix Baumgartners jump. There was a lot of confusion and the answer we gave didn't quite match up with the answer the DJ had but Will and I believed the DJ to be mistaken. I'm not sure how that worked out.

This particular DJ plays song clues to go along with all of the questions. Sometimes they're really far-fetched. Last spring at the competition that gave birth to this blogpost he played "Crazy In Love" when the answer was Jim Lovell. This leads us to one of my favorite moments from tonight. The DJ asked us what state was the first to legalize the possession of marijuana and played the Olympic March. Upon hearing the first few measures I shouted "O, Canada!" but Will told me point-blank that that was not the song. Then Mary and I simultaneously had a thought. Olympics = Olympia which is in Washington. I explained how I knew this by saying excitedly "I know this from Twilight!" To which Mary replied "I know this from the third grade geography bee."

Overall we did okay. But I had a lot of fun and would love to go back. Will, Elana, Jenny Sue, Tori and I were the only ones to stay to the end and we had an awkward group hug while blocking the door to the restaurant. Then Elana, Will, and I fell through the snow to where we were parked and I shouted "Shoe in my boot! Shoe in my boot!" but I meant that there was snow in it. Then Elana came back to my house and we watched Drake and Josh on Netflix, looked at pictures of child stars who grew up hot, read off lists of old Nickelodeon shows and laughed at the names. Then Elana introduced me to Danny Phantom and I completely fell in love. None of it made sense, it was so funny, and absolutely wonderful.

Now Elana has left and I am wearing new pajama pants and lounging in my bed typing this. It was a great 2nd day to the new year. I think I'll read some more of Fellowship before going to sleep. Good night!

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